Planning Kickstarter of Howlinfuse Kombucha, Operations Strategist at The Mastermind Within, SEO and Branding Strategist at Web Design Viking, Operations co-founder Wickedfast Solutions, Founder at Stacked Publishing, Founder at MyResumeRobot, Author and Mentor

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius.


My Resume Robot

Automating the jobsearch between you brainstorming what you want to be all the way until the first wave of interviews.

WickedFast Solutions

We're a B2B XML integration solution for enterprise-level Java development. We offer mapping and modeling technology as consultants or for in-house.

Cherrybit Software

Get bootstrap web development and direct marketing consulting work. Get your MVP generating interest before time and energy is wasted.

Stacked Publishing

A full-stxack publishing firm for Erotic Authors that leverages high-tech to get stories published and manage sales.