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WickedFast Solutions

Your In-House Java Solution. Model, map, and generate an API and documentation that saves up to 94% of development time and costs. Designed to give Java production shops comparative advantages in any industry.

HowlInfuse Kombucha

Curated Kombucha Subscription Boxes. Our subscribers brew delicious kombucha (fermented tea) with locally sourced ingredients while enjoying handpicked products. Flawless execution with a painless subscription plan.

My Resume Robot

A supercharged and automated jobhunting webservice. Never apply to any job by web ever again. Our robot easily applies to 1000 job listing applications per day withinin 5 minutes. Free trials and paid subscriptions to apply over time with proven success.

Cherrybit Software

Relaxed Entreprenurial Software Mentoring. Develop the skills, social networks, and the verbal acumen to self-develop into the technology entreprenur you've needed to become. Location in the Minnesotan south metro, our students are given resources where the only entrance exam is based on motivation.


Today Hourly Organizer

A nifty pocket organizer for creating tasks for each hour of the day - if you live day by day!

Communal Costs

Keep track of your roommates spending or keep tabs of how much of a share of spending you're doing.


A cute little bear that teaches kids how the notes operate on a C Major treble clef staff.

Simple Strength

Keep track of your weight training lifts on this modified version of Starting Strength.

Essential Habits

Essential Habits for personal growth. Commit to habits, and guide future development.


One contact input widget/app that lets you send pre-defined sms messages on on new inputs.


Intrapersonal Plus Us

This project is aimed for salespeople or managers who want an extra helping hand in bodylanguage development.

Meme Nonprofit

Submit your archive of funny and interesting photos sitting on your computer to feed and clothe a meme in need.

Big Black Button

A social experement and moral test using a Penny Auction api. Winner takes each penny.

Yuge Notes

One full sized widget app that lets you write large text. Perfect sharing thoughts in noisy places.


Meditation done mindfully. Focus on meditation, not a timer ticking down. Reach a silent alarm.


Behavior tracking that instills long-run changes and discipline. Three strikes, and you're out.

All App Rater

Gathers all of the applications on your device, and allows you to quickly rate each selected application with a comment.

Pay Yourself

Self-motivate yourself by completing tasks and giving yourself a guilt-free spending budget.

Napoleon Notes

Keep notes on each encounter. Write down details, and return there by GPS location or calendar date selection.

Morning Routine

Instill a habit that will stick with you for the morning or right after work.


Using a public Tinder-like api for the LGBT, post or swipe on photos that 'pass' for their target gender. Get insight.

Dream Hacks

Lucid dreaming tools that help you achieve a complete and vivid lucid dream. These hacks boost that goal.

Drinkin' Games

A basic database of drinking games that are recomended for college-age students done by experienced players.

Daily Dealz

A deal a day sort of website. Buy a daily deal and keep track them. Vote on future buys.

Daily Bidz

Penny auction for the mobile phone. A deal a day for with a penny auction api.


Focus on just ONE habit to grow and stick with for just 30 days. Also helping the 7Weeks dev on GPlay

Kidz Bopper

A bubble popping game that lets you create text-to-speech results on bubble tapping for your child.

Calorie Counter

A calorie counter for a bulk-meal-preper. Input a meal that will be eaten regularly for ease of access.

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